Contacting LPJ Construction

A Professional Build Team

We work primarily for professional developers who build retail and mixed-use projects. We are one of the premier retail construction companies operating in Southern California. From our past experience we know the costs associated with all the components of your project, including the on-site and off-site work as well as the buildings.

To benefit from our Partner-Build Approach on your next project, call us in early... We have the knowledge and expertise to help you and your design team save time and money.

Mailing / Phone / Fax

4001 East La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, California 92807

Tel 714.632.3210
Fax 714.632.5409

California Contractors License #858603 | Arizona Contractors License #124710
Nevada Contractors License #0041129 | Montana Contractors License #160375
Hawaii Contractors License #31780

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