Our Culture

Founded by Lyle Parks Jr., in 1960, LPJ is now one of the premier retail-oriented contractors operating out of Southern California. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in our finished product, which can be seen throughout the retail, entertainment, and mixed-use marketplaces.

Timothy Mayeda


Bob Rabun

Executive Vice President

Van Hester

Senior Vice President

Robert Oskorus


Jesse Coria

Project Manager

Devin Budd

Senior Superintendent

Mitch Rabun

Senior Superintendent

Mike Ascheri

Senior Superintendent

Travis Muckle

Senior Superintendent

Cynthia Durda

Senior Project Coordinator

6 Decades of Satisfying Customers

Satisfying Client Needs Through Partner-Build™

Partner-Build™ is a proactive team concept developed to control construction costs, accelerate schedules, and prevent expensive last-minute plan changes. Since its inception, this exclusive technique has evolved from an innovative business practice to the driving force behind the mutual success of LPJ and its clients.

Lyle Parks Jr., Construction has been providing General Contracting and Preconstruction services to the development community for over 59 years and has a foundation of experience that helps us communicate fluidly while addressing the challenges associated with all projects. Lyle Parks Jr., Construction has implemented the Partner-Build™ approach to provide clients and developers with high level management service and innovative techniques to provide successful results.

Not only do we understand the construction process, we have established relationships with city representatives, engineers and sub-contractors throughout the Southern California region. We have done extensive work in Southern California and are trained in the complexities of submittals, ordinances and permits. We also have licenses to operate in the following states: Arizona, Nevada, Montana, and Hawaii.

LPJ is one of the premier retail-oriented contractors operating in Southern California and is qualified to provide preconstruction and construction services to developers who are looking to be impressed.  Partner-Build™ has helped LPJ to negotiate and develop an impressive portfolio of projects that have various specialty requirements and finishes for countless prototypes.