Photography: Corcino Productions

Encinitas Village

Encinitas, CA

Owner:               TRC Retail

Architect:           AO

Location:            Encinitas, California

Lyle Parks Jr., Construction recently completed the renovation of Encinitas Village.  The project is an existing center that is nineteen acres of commercial, retail and restaurant use.  Encinitas was done in conjunction with the design professionals at AO.  The scope included site and landscape improvements, façade remodels, structural retrofits and landlord tenant improvements.  All work was completed while the center was open to the public and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It requires a higher level of communication and planning to manage a repositioning project.  Tearing off roofs is loud and intrusive and the entire process is difficult for customers.  If you are the tenants, it is hard to stay open and be there for your customers because of the distractions” – LPJ Team Member.  “We have to focus on the tenants and customers’ needs every day”.